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Brian Joslyn

Brian Joslyn

DUI / DWI and Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Joslyn Criminal Defense Law Firm
Columbus, OH

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Insights by Brian Joslyn (13)

Comparing Gun Control Measures to Gun-Related Homicides by State

Gun control is a polarizing topic in the United States. Some Americans argue that owning firearms is a right protected by the Second Amendment of the Constitution and should not be restricted. Gun-control advocates counter that the amendmen...

Which Weapons Are Most Commonly Used for Homicides?

With the renewed push by the federal government for an assault weapons ban, we couldn’t help but wonder, just how often are assault rifles really to blame for crimes? More specifically, how often are they used as murder weapons when c...

Man who was beaten by undercover law enforcement may have his case heard before the Supreme Court

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It’s been six years since James King was heinously attacked by two undercover officers in Grand Rapids, Michigan and he has still not received justice. At the time of the attack, a local police detective and an FBI agent were working ...

The Constitutionality of Breathalyzer and Blood Draws in Ohio OVI Cases

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In the case of  Birchfield v. North Dakota (579 U.S. ___ (2016), the Supreme Court ruled on the constitutionality of a refusal to submit to warrantless blood alcohol content ((BAC) and blood tests. The Court confronted the following is...

The Importance of Risk Allocation In Criminal Defense Matters

Inherent in the practice of criminal defense is the responsibility of attorneys to present their clients with options and evaluate the consequences of a given course of action. In crafting a cogent defense, the central question becomes whe...

A lawsuit alleges officers pepper-sprayed and assaulted a man when he asked about his release date

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Chariell Glaze was set to walk out of Cuyahoga County Jail in northern Ohio after serving 90 days for a probation violation. Instead, Glaze reportedly was pepper sprayed by the prison’s corporal when he asked about his release date. &...

Franklin County experiences thousands of OVI incidents in 2019

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Drivers in Columbus should exercise more caution than other drivers in Ohio as Franklin County leads the state for vehicle crashes. That’s according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, reporting 31,894 crashes for Franklin County from ...

Medical dispensaries could become more regulated in Ohio

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Medical marijuana companies in Ohio may need state approval before they switch owners if state legislators pass a new bill aimed at bringing more regulation to the industry. That is just one of the new proposed rules the Ohio Board of Phar...

Ohio could erase time limits in rape cases

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Rape cases may not have a statute of limitation in Ohio if a new bill gets passed. Ohio Senate Bill 162 could end the 25-year statute of limitation on rape cases, reports the Sandusky Register. The bill would also eliminate “spousal ...

Selling Drugs to Sex Workers Could Result in Human Trafficking Charges Under PROTECT Act

The United States government has attempted to tackle the issue of human trafficking for decades. Unfortunately, Ohio is all too familiar with the problem of human trafficking. The state was ranked fourth nationally for number of cases of hu...

Senator McConnell May Consider Red Flag Laws for Gun Reform

Despite frequent mass shooting within the last five years, the United States Congress has had little to no progress in passing gun reform laws. However, this fact may change soon after a recent announcement by Senate Majority Leader Mitch M...

Supreme Court Challenges Adult Crimes Based on Juvenile Actions

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 In the past, those who had their guilt adjudicated for a sexual crime as an adult could still be required to register as a sex offender. However, the constitutionality of adult offenses based on juvenile actions may be challenged in O...

Ohio Violent Offender Registry

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In 2016, Sierah Catherine Joughin, a junior at the University of Toledo, was kidnapped and murdered by a repeat violent offender. The Ohio legislature implemented a new law this year that would force violent offenders like the one that kill...