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Franklin County experiences thousands of OVI incidents in 2019

Franklin County experiences thousands of OVI incidents in 2019

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Drivers in Columbus should exercise more caution than other drivers in Ohio as Franklin County leads the state for vehicle crashes.

That’s according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, reporting 31,894 crashes for Franklin County from January to mid-December 2019. By comparison, Hamilton County had 29,344 crashes, ranking as the second highest county in Ohio for vehicle crashes in 2019.

Of the 31,894 crashes in Franklin County, 1,373 of them involve operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The state breaks down the OVI statistics down further, reporting that 22 of them involve fatalities; Another 84 of the OVI crashes involved serious injury while 280 of them involved minor injuries. Highway patrol also notes that 824 OVI crashes involved property damage.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is meticulous when it comes to tracking OVI crashes, highlighting the most frequent times the crashes occur. Most of the crashes happen from 2 a.m. to 2:59 a.m.; the second most frequent time for OVI crashes is 11 p.m. to 11:59 p.m., and the third most frequent time is midnight to 12:59 a.m.

Saturdays have the most OVI crashes in Franklin County, followed by Sunday and then Friday.

Across the state, highway patrol reported 21,791 OVI enforcements for 2019. That is a decrease from 25,548 OVI enforcements reported in 2018.

As the year winds down, friends, family and coworkers will celebrate the holidays with alcohol and make the call to drive home after a party. Law enforcement are on alert for more impaired drivers on the road in December and early January, issuing numerous OVIs. If you are celebrating this holiday season, don’t drink and drive.

If you do take the risk of driving intoxicated and become a statistic for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, there is a high likelihood you could end up with an OVI offense. Any driver who has a .08% BAC level is considered over the legal limit in Ohio. In addition to alcohol, any driver under the influence of drugs and controlled substances like marijuana, LSD and cocaine can also be charged with an OVI.

Drivers found with a BAC level of .17% or higher or a .238 of urine alcohol level in Ohio can face greater punishment like higher fines and longer jail sentences.

Fines for OVI convictions can range from $375 to $20,000. Jailtime can range from 3 days to15 years. Mandatory alcohol and drug treatment programs, driver’s license suspended or revoked, yellow OVI plates and paying court costs and fees are further penalties that can be imposed on those convicted of an OVI.

If you are pulled over for suspicion of an OVI, there is a high probability that you will be arrested. Ask to have your attorney present before speaking or disclosing any information outside of your license, registration and proof on insurance. Hiring an attorney immediately after the arrest and before speaking to law enforcement can reduce your consequences.

Be safe this holiday season and enjoy the new year.

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