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James Hal Medows

James Hal Medows
Law Office of James Medows
306 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 917-856-1247

About James Hal Medows

BA New York University JD Howard University School of Law


BA New York University

JD Howard University School of Law

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Contact Information

James Hal Medows -
Law Office of James Medows
306 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone Numbers:
  • Office: 917-856-1247

Practice Areas

Area of Practice % Focus
Criminal DefenseP1100.00%


Bar Licenses

State Status Year Acquired
New York Member in Good Standing 2006


School Major Degree Year Graduated
Howard University School of Law Juris Doctorate JD 2005
New York University Politics BA 2000


Position Organization Duration
Member Kings County Criminal Bar Association present

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James Medows Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer

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