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January is divorce month, according to family attorneys and online analytics

January is divorce month, according to family attorneys and online analytics

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Merry Christmas and single for a new year?

January has earned the dubious distinction of “divorce month” based on both analytics kept by social media companies and attorneys who are well versed in family law, according to USA Today. Attorney Laura Wasser, who has represented celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp during their divorces, told the newspaper that the first half of January usually sees the most divorce fillings.

Don’t just take Wasser’s word for it: Google Trends shows that the word “divorce” peaks around Jan. 6-12. Pinterest sees a 21% spike for “divorce party” starting December to January in both 2019 and 2017. 

But why wait until the start of a new year to end a marriage? Some attorneys believe parents don’t want to ruin Christmas and the holiday season with a divorce. Plus, some states such as California require a six-month waiting period before couples can divorce. Many start the process in the summer and have the divorce complete by January. 

In King County, Washington, each case has a schedule upon filing a petition for divorce. The trial date for a divorce is typically set almost a year out from the filing date, providing the deadline for discovery and requires the parties to engage in mediation. 

Most divorce cases are resolved at the mediation stage to prevent incurring costly expenses associated with trial. Additional, both parties maintain some control over the outcome of a case during mediation and they are more likely to follow the orders they prepared themselves, rather than orders mandated by a court.

In some cases, people seeking a divorce can use different alternatives to resolve their case. For example, an Alternative Dispute Resolution is required by the court in all cases that involve residential time with children, unless the court waives the ADR requirement. Parties can use mediation in some cases, which utilizes a neutral third person who helps each side agree to some or all of the issues in the case. 

Having an experienced family law attorney can help ensure that your mediation goes smoothly and, if you have to go to trial, that you have someone who can navigate the complex legal system behind divorce in Washington. Divorces can be highly emotional and straining on families. Having an attorney help guide you through a separation can offer some impartial advice.

At the Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson, our Seattle Divorce attorneys represent our clients at every stage of the case including a Settlement Conference, Mediation or other ADR processes, Pretrial Conference, and trial or final hearing. Our offices can be reached at (206)-712-2756 or at shanathompsonlaw.com.

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