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Megan Elizabeth Roper

Megan Elizabeth Roper

Criminal Defense and Marijuana Lawyer
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JBabb Criminal Defense
Richardson, TX

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Case Results of Megan Elizabeth Roper

Not Guilty
Driving While Intoxicated (by THC only)
Nov 2019
Client was stopped for speeding and had recently smoked a joint. He did not have any cannabis in his car or on his person, but the admitted to recently smoking. After being forced to perform field sobriety tests on the side of the highway, he was arrested and charged with DWI. He blood was subsequently drawn, which showed he had THC metabolites in his system. After hearing all the evidence, the jury agreed that the state did not prove our client was intoxicated due to his cannabis use.

Not Guilty
Possession of Marijuana 0-2 Ounces
Apr 2019
Client was stopped illegally, searched, and charged with possession for an ounce of flower and unlawful carry of a weapon. We elected to try the cases separately, and the possession case was tried first. Ultimately, the jury did not believe the state has met there burden in proving a lawful stop, nor had they proven the flower was illegal cannabis (there was no lab testing done). The jury found my client not guilty, and the prosecutors subsequently dismissed the unlawful carry of a weapon.