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David A Sibley

David A Sibley

Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Gregory, TX

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Reviews of David A Sibley

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Unemployment Case 2021

Posted by: TX Unemployment

Unemployment Case 2021

David was hired in with an initial retainer of about $4,000.00 and once that was paid he was meant to get us ready to go into court against the State of Texas. Unfortunately, Mr.Sibley did not prepare the documentation needed when we had the second hearing in the Travis County District Court. He wasn’t even prepared and wasn’t even able to answer the simplest of questions asked by the judge. Fast forward weeks later and we’re meant to have the next hearing on September 16th, and in secret he withdrew from the hearing and never actually announced the week prior like he stated, and proceeded to cancel the hearing. This was after not only the initial $4k he was handed as a retainer, but an additional $4-5k he was given for his “labor and research”. He asked for me, but by then it was starting to look grim for a lot of us. He won’t answer his plaintiff’s, he won’t email them and hasn’t communicated anything with us, unless it’s some screen shots being sent to Facebook groups, which is just overall unprofessional, and not only that but his constant threats to walk out because people were being “mean” to him, and hurting his feelings. He basically walked away with close to $10K, which was sent and fundraised by the unemployed, who believed that he was going to fight for us and get us the help we had been promised by the federal government.

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