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Andrew T. Daugherty

Andrew T. Daugherty

Drug Crimes and Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Law Office of Andrew T. Daugherty, PLC.
Nashville, TN

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Done wrong by public defender, prosecutor and ultimately the judge. Weakley County!!!!

Posted by: Justin Moore
Marijuana Law

Done wrong by public defender, prosecutor and ultimately the judge. Weakley County!!!!

Public defender was consulted. I have him all the evidence he needed. He got angry, mad, irritated, also broke attorney client privilege or privacy by not isolating me away from other people to hear to start talking about my case and when I gave him the main topics on my research into THCA flower and legality someone behind me waiting in line to go thru metal detection into courtroom weighed in on my behalf addressing the public defender directly stating that you could buy exactly what I was talking about in convenient store in Sharon,TN where she lived and told him yeah it gets you high just like what state says is illegal does and was no difference in their opinion. I didn't know this person nor did I have them do this on purple. The public defender froze completely up at this point not cuz of what she said but because he just made her a 3rd party without my consent to do so! This was his decision in not taking me behind closed doors to discuss my case. The overall way I was treated by him after this was appalling and I have witnesses! Told had to go to trial in order for it to be tested. No it should already have been tested in order for the prosecution to legally go ahead with case. Testing was never done and was never in officers notes or case files at all. I claimed it was THCA then told had go trial for testing and I said okay but because of decarboxylation naturally the THC levels would be elevated by nature. He then asked if I had documentation or proof that I bought it as THCA. I looked at him smiled and lightly giggled told him since it's classified as a hemp product by the state no medical card, no records, or any documentation regarding my identity or personal information like social security # was required by law. Only requirement was for me to provide my state ID or driver's license to prove I was 21 or over if asked for it. Just like with alcohol purchases the birth date is looked at and handed back. No copy of the ID is made or required. At this point he is not acting on my behalf or the facts related to my case which could turn into a dismissal or should have been. Getting my case dismissed or even continued to later date to take new facts and evidence regarding the legality of arrest, charges, and conviction if any into account. I didn't sign my court papers either but someone attempted to mark I guess as my initials that wasn't me. Public defender did not witness me make a mark nor did anyone else cuz he threw papers down without thoroughly explaining to me other than only I was just getting time served and whatever fines. I looked over papers and probation neither supervised or unsupervised were marked but we're also marked with an X when handed to me later. When judge started talking I was expecting a trial date to be setup or a continuance to further evaluate facts and evidence I gave and it actually being tested for THC levels to prove they even had a legal defense in the first place.

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