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Brian Langley

Brian  Langley
Stange Law Firm, PC
120 S. Central Avenue Suite 450
Clayton, MO 63105
Phone: 855-805-0595

About Brian Langley

Brian Langley is an Associate Attorney with Stange Law Firm, PC. He can assist clients with their divorce and family law matters from the firm's St. Louis County office located in Clayton, MO.


Brian Langley is an Associate Attorney with Stange Law Firm, PC. He can assist clients with their divorce and family law matters from the firm's St. Louis County office located in Clayton, MO.

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Contact Information

Brian Langley -
Stange Law Firm, PC
120 S. Central Avenue Suite 450
Clayton, MO 63105
Phone Numbers:
  • Office: 855-805-0595

Practice Areas

Area of Practice % Focus
Family LawP29.00%
Alimony / Spousal SupportS29.00%
Child CustodyS29.00%
Child SupportS29.00%
Child VisitationS29.00%
Divorce MediationS29.00%
Collaborative LawS29.00%
Property DivisionS29.00%
Prenuptial and Marital AgreementsS29.00%


Bar Licenses

State Status Year Acquired
Illinois Member in Good Standing 2017
Missouri Member in Good Standing 2017


School Major Degree Year Graduated
Washington University School of Law Law Juris Doctor 2016

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