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Antonette DuPree

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Read this and it will tell a lot.

Posted by: Trisha You g

Read this and it will tell a lot.

So there was a post about a woman who had been cheated on by her spouse. She put up a sign.. Antoinette told me that the woman probably deserved it and was a bitch who might of withheld sex her husband and deserved it and more. So she deserved to be cheated on! Lol! She even made the comment about her probably being some Christian spouted off a bible verse in vain and mouthed this woman! She was mouthing Christian’s which had nothing to do with any of it. Then she tells me I’m making assumptions and called me a simple minded f….twat. I said you made assumptions first it’s why I responded to begin with. So I wouldn’t use her as an attorney she’s obviously doesn’t like Christian’s, thinks cheating is ok, thinks women deserve if there’s not enough sex at home, and cant win a argue with a stay at home house wife. 😂 She sounded more like a Hooters girl than an attorney.

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