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Aubri N. Sheremet

Aubri N. Sheremet

Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death Lawyer
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Hoffer & Sheremet PLC
Grand Rapids, MI

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Case Results of Aubri N. Sheremet

Legal Malpractice
We achieved a judgment in this legal malpractice case for $979,000 and set in motion the defendant-attorney being disbarred.

Jury Verdict
Medical malpractice
Hoffer & Sheremet won this medical malpractice trial in Grand Traverse County in 2019. It was the first medical malpractice patient victory in that county since 1997. We filed (and won) numerous motions in limine that forced the defense to narrow their theory and prevent juror confusion. We also developed a streamlined infographic titled "Pathways to Verdict" that we used throughout the trial to help guide the jury through the theory of our case.

Jury Verdict
Medical Malpractice
In our debut as attorneys for patients (i.e., after we switched sides from defending hospitals and healthcare providers) we worked with attorney Steve Grimm to win this trial for the patient. The jury awarded ten times the amount of economic damages for non-economic damages.