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J. Broocks Greer III

J. Broocks Greer III

Criminal Defense and Federal Crimes Lawyer
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Broocks Greer, Attorney at Law, LLC
Shreveport, LA

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Reviews of J. Broocks Greer III

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I need a lawyer now! Please ASAP

Posted by: Terry douglas

I need a lawyer now! Please ASAP

My situation is with the social security office I I want to report fraud in this case I was on ssi about 4 years ago and they usually on a regular basis send a letter to renew my ssi to update them on my situation I reported that I had started working and they approved me so about over ten letters and 5 years later just of 2021 they sent my last letter and I forgot to (appeal) it, if you no anything about ssi allow me to address this later.so I forgot to appeal the letter to renew my ssi and they cut me off immediately, not long after with no job and no check coming in i called the local office to ask if I could get it back started they said I was to late and it will be going to court and it will take about 2 years so I waited and 2023 a letter came in the mail telling me to meet for a evaluation, I go and he sent papers to follow up with a scheduled on phone interview with a judge.i followed up and went through with that he told me to wait on my papers on the mail it will tell me if I will get ssi back.i waited months latera they sent a letter saying I was denied so I let the ssi go I couldn't do anything about that I had no fighting power they railroaded me and I was helpless but I toughed it out and moved on got a job and doing ok for myself a year later march 3, 2024 past due payment letter received February 17,2024 I get another letter in the mail from ssi saying I owe them 9,517.00 dollars they are willing to take any income tax contact my boss or any bank account and take money from me, I must say this is a hard pill to swallow seeing I have no help and they think they deserve money from me after they cut me off for simply not appealing my letter but I did follow up with a phone call and also denying me in court for a reason I have yet to understand seeing I completed every letter they sent me made sure I informed them I was working weather they cut me off or not and they did, so I'm trying to figure out how I owe them any money and they want to sue me for unknown reasons I don't owe them any money they cut me off and I assumed that was it I have a family I done nothing to no one and this is out of the blue please help me I can't let them do this to me! Thank you for reading this. I'm willing to hire a lawyer that can help.

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