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The US is Experiencing a Spike in Deadly Car Related Accidents During the Pandemic Lockdown

The US is Experiencing a Spike in Deadly Car Related Accidents During the Pandemic Lockdown

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Although the novel Coronavirus has led to less drivers on the road as a result of stay-at-home orders, newly released data indicates that the emptier roads are actually leading to more dangerous traffic accidents. Experiencing a traffic or pedestrian accident in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges for victims. Still, a victim’s right to a fair compensation is necessary for their recovery.

Data Indicates an Increase of Dangers on the Road During the Coronavirus Pandemic

According to preliminary data from the National Safety Council, fatality rates per the miles driven thus far have increased by 14% across the nation when compared to last year. The National Safety Council has found that the spike in tragic car accidents coincides with the roughly 19% drop in miles driven in the month of March compared to last year’s figures. Through the first few months of this year, the State of California has seen a noticeable increase in the number of traffic accident deaths. According to the reported data, the State of California has already seen an increase of 8% in the number of traffic accident fatalities.

According to some reports, the number of roadway accidents are attributed to the vastly open lanes, as reckless drivers take the opportunity to drive at excessive speeds. This can be true in areas that normally see heavy traffic, such as Southern California. Nonetheless, others have attributed the rise of accidents to people’s unwillingness to stay at home since the shutdown began. People are eager to get out of their homes, especially as the weather warms ups across the nation.

In addition to the figures provided by the council, the California Highway Patrol has reported an 87% increase of speeding tickets given to drivers who were traveling at speeds greater than 100 miles per hour amid the pandemic shutdown. Here, it is also important to note that there could be varying factors that may have contributed to the rise of speeding tickets.

What To Do After You Have Been Struck By a Car

The year-round mild climate makes Southern California the perfect place to enjoy a walk. Unfortunately, the number of pedestrian accidents is on the rise. According to several studies, thousands of pedestrians are killed each year across the nation. In the State of California alone, there were approximately 300 deaths in the first half of 2017. This equates to about .90 per 100,000 individuals. This places the State of California at number 15 for the highest number of pedestrian fatalities per state.

Along with every other state, the State of California is doing its part to mitigate the risk of potential dangers that could lead to a pedestrian fatality. For example, more roundabouts are being installed in neighborhood areas that are prone to accidents. In spite of this, pedestrian accidents are still an ongoing issue, and even with awareness, the rate of accidents continues to climb.

What To Do When Struck By a Vehicle

When struck by a vehicle, the severity of injuries can range from mild to severe. Sadly, in some cases, pedestrians lose their life following an accident. In a majority of cases, the survivor will need extensive medical treatment for his or her injuries. This may involve physical therapy and surgery for his or her injuries.

If you have been struck by a car, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you feel that you may not be seriously injured, there may be internal injuries that you may not be aware of. One of the most serious injuries that may go unnoticed is that of a traumatic brain injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a traumatic brain injury may present symptoms days or even weeks after the incident occurred. Consequently, seeking medical attention as soon as possible is pivotal to your recovery.

Handling a Car Accident During the Global Pandemic

Car accidents can happen suddenly, and unfortunately, suffering a car accident in the midst of the global pandemic presents new challenges victims must face. Across the nation, victims are unable to obtain medical attention unless their injuries require emergency medical treatment. Regrettably, there are many injuries that occur as a result of an auto accident which are not immediately recognizable, and this can severely affect a victim’s opportunity to obtain a fair monetary compensation.

Obtaining Compensation For Your Injuries Could Be Possible With a Personal Injury Claim

As previously mentioned, your injuries may require lengthy medical treatments, which may become very costly over time. If you have been struck by a vehicle, you may be able to recover monetary compensation to cover the costs of your treatments.

One of the most commonly seen challenges a pedestrian may face is that of jaywalking. According to California’s Vehicle Code Section 21955, pedestrians cannot walk at any place on the road except for in a crosswalk. If you were jaywalking at the time of the accident, you may still be able to recover a monetary compensation as a result of pure comparative negligence. The State of California follows this theory, which allows victims to seek compensation even if they were found to be partly at fault of the accident. Instead of being able to recover a full amount of compensation, however, they will only be able to recover a percentage of it.

The personal injury attorneys at Schwartzberg & Luther, APC are highly experienced in the field of auto accidents cases throughout Southern California. Even as the global pandemic presents difficult challenges when it comes to filing an auto accident claim, victims should know that when their accident was caused as a result of another’s negligence, they have the legal right to pursue monetary damages. With more than a decade of dedicated experience, the attorneys at Schwartzberg & Luther, APC have helped thousands of victims obtain compensation following a negligent accident.

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