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Texas now gives first-time DWI offenders a second chance

Texas now gives first-time DWI offenders a second chance

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First time Driving While Intoxicated drivers in Texas will receive some relief, thanks to a new law regarding intoxicated driving in the Lone Star State.

Those charged with their first DWI in Texas can get deferred adjudication, where the offender pleads guilty and the charges are deferred.

As news station KCBD-TV reports, deferred adjudication allows someone to plead guilty to a DWI and the judge accepts that plea. Instead of getting sent to prison however, the judge can defer the finding of guilt and place the DWI offender on community supervision or probation.

Judges still have the right to dole out full punishments for DWI offenders, however.

The caveat for a deferred first-time DWI charge however is if that the penalties for a second DWI will be enhanced. This can include bigger fines, longer prison sentences and having your driver’s license suspended for a longer period of time. The deferred DWI charge is essentially a break for first time offenders with the expectation that he or she won’t drive intoxicated again.

The deferred adjudication is for both Driving While Intoxicated and Boating While Intoxicated. The law does not include DWI for marijuana.

Having the opportunity to defer your first DWI charge can save your finances, employment and social life. A first time DWI offense is considered a Class B misdemeanor that carries a maximum fine of $2,000 and up to 180 days in jail. You can also have your license suspended for up to a year. A second DWI offense is far more severe and is upgraded to a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted of a second DWI, you could pay up to $4,000 in fines, serve up a year in jail and have your license suspended for up to two years. A third DWI charge is considered a third-degree felony. The maximum fine for a third DWI charge is $10,000. The offender can be sentenced two to 10 years in prison and have his or her license suspended for up to two years.

Whether you are facing your first DWI charge or your second or third one, retaining an attorney experienced with Texas’ drunk driving laws can help reduce penalties and disruptions a conviction would bring to your life.

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