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Rule proposed by Trump administration would allow faith-based groups to deny LGBTQ parents

Rule proposed by Trump administration would allow faith-based groups to deny LGBTQ parents

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Foster children searching for stable and loving homes may face yet another barrier to find a permanent home if a rule proposed by the Trump administration is enacted.

Former President Barack Obama introduced a rule that added sexual orientation as a protected class under federal anti-discrimination laws. But the Trump administration hopes to revers this rule and allow discrimination against LGBTQ families by faith-based organizations.

The Associated Press reports that President Donald Trump is considering a rule that would allow faith-based foster care and adoption agencies to receive taxpayer funding even if they exclude LGBTQ families from their services. The White House says allowing discrimination against LGBTQ families would enable faith-based nonprofits to provide assistance to vulnerable people without going against their beliefs. Groups like the conservative Family Research Council say that allowing faith-based organizations to deny services to the LGBTQ community would allow them to “care for needy children and operate according to their religious beliefs,” the AP reports.

But LGBTQ support organizations say Trump’s new rule would reduce the pool of qualified parents who could adopt children who don’t have a home. Julie Kruse, director of federal policy at Family Equality, told the AP “It is outrageous that the Trump administration would mark the start of National Adoption Month by announcing a rule to further limit the pool of loving homes available to America’s 440,000 foster children.”

Trump’s proposal is particularly worrysome in light of the fact that LGBTQ youth disproportionately experience homelessness. A report by the University of Chicago has found that LGBTQ youth are 120% more likely to experience homelessness than their heterosexual and cis counterparts.

News reports say numerous members of Congress are calling on Trump to maintain the current rule that bars discrimination against LGBTQ families and individuals by organizations receiving federal funding. So repeal of the protection has not yet been enacted, but is still under consideration.

Despite the existence of some legal protections, LGBTQ individuals still face unique challenges and concerns when it comes to establishing and protecting their family relationships. An experienced attorney can help LGBTQ couples and individuals build families through adoption or assisted reproduction.

An excellent attorney can guide LGBTQ prospective parents through complex regulations and procedures, and give referrals to supportive providers of adoption and assisted reproduction related services, increasing their opportunities for success.

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