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Brooklyn D.A. says these police officers have credibility issues

Brooklyn D.A. says these police officers have credibility issues

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The Gothamist reports the Brooklyn D.A.’s office identified 53 cases between 2008 and 2019 where 47 officers had their testimony discredited or questioned by judges. The Brooklyn D.A. also identified seven officers whose honesty they questioned, noting the officers should never be used “as the sole witness in a case.”

Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez said the release of their investigation is not meant to be an attack on police. “That said, we take police credibility very seriously because inaccurate statements by members of law enforcement strike at the heart of our criminal justice system, cause significant harm to the public trust and may lead to wrongful convictions,” Gonzalez said in a statement.

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, told the Gothamist the Brooklyn DA has a long history of bad prosecutions and that discrediting police officers is hypercritical.

Some of the officers deemed not credible by the D.A.’s office have a history of being sued. For example, Police Officer Leonard Clarke was sued for being accused of making a false arrest and lying in a sworn statement. Clarke was also sued for allegedly lying when he filled out arrest paperwork, claiming he saw a man steal money and a bag with pills from another man.

While a good number of police officers are trustworthy, it’s clear from the Brooklyn D.A.’s office that some engage in misconduct. Victims of police misconductmay experience police brutality, use of excessive force, intentional false arrest, making false claims in a police report, and other wrongs committed by police.

Police misconduct is generally defined as unlawful acts committed by a law enforcement officer which violates the constitutional rights of another person. A law enforcement agency can also be liable for damages in certain cases because it engages in a practice and pattern of allowing civil rights violations.

If you are a victim of an officer who is falsifying police reports and unjustly targeted you, an attorney can help fight for your rights and keep your record from being tarnished by false accusations. As the Brooklyn D.A.’s office has already told the world, not all police officers are as honest as they should be.  

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