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Bradley Willis

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Pissed off client

Posted by: Unanimous, until my court date is over
Family Law

Pissed off client

Brad is probably the worst lawyer not only that I have had but even in the court room he does not fight for his clients. He’s not aggressive and honestly I even wondered at times if he knew some of the laws and rules that he was arguing. He got my files turned in late so we weren’t able to argue what I was objecting to and the judge didn’t even want to hear it for that reason. And that right there is unacceptable. There’s been a couple of times he would just sit there and stutter trying to look up laws and rules that he was arguing. He told me that if I had something to say then to write it down. He wouldn’t even look at what I was writing or listen to me when I was trying to tell him something. After that hearing I asked for a receipt so I could see how much money I had left over. I didn’t tell him why I wanted to know how much money was left but I think he knew he messed up and that I didn’t want him anymore. Brad was not aggressive, couldn’t fight for me and couldn’t even file paperwork on time. His actions hurt my case even more than it already was. Not once did Brad ever give me an itemized receipt until I asked for it months after he started my case. And even after that it took him over a month to get me one with excuse after excuse of him being busy with other cases and hasn’t been able to get me one yet. When I came to Brad he knew how desperately I needed help and how bad I needed a lawyer. He knew how much money I had for one and he said he would take my case and that the money I gave him would get me to pre trial and if it went to trial then it would be more. When I finally got my itemized receipt, it said that I actually owed him over $2000. And then he was withdrawing from my case Because I owed him money. And that if I wanted to continue to have him it would be another $4600. Not once did he mention that he was $240. 00 an hour. With what money I had I never would have went with someone that expensive. He knew how desperate I was and he saw this as easy money. He charged me for things he never did, and even charge me for the court date that we weren’t able be heard on because he filed late and even charged me for him to file the papers late. He rarely returned my calls or responded to my emails. At one point I even told him that he didn’t respond to me and that if he didn’t have time for my case then he shouldn’t have taken it. He straight up lied to me. Saw how desperate I was and Saw me as easy money and took it and ran. Because of his actions from my last court date, my situation is worse. I’m not even to pretrial and I have a ways to go. And I have no money for a different lawyer and I’m now fighting this on my own and I have no clue what I’m doing. At least before Brad I had a public defender to help me and now no one. His actions hurt my case and put me in a worse situation than before Brad. I am taking all of this to the state bar to file a complaint which could take months. Brad is a crook and I am telling anyone who is needing a lawyer, take your money to someone who will fight, who will not lie to you, and to someone who will get your paperwork turned in on time. Don’t waste your money or your time with Brad because he is a crook.

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