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Ronald Scott Tulin

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Ronald S. Tulin, P.L.
Plant City, FL

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Incompetent, at best.

Posted by: Carissa

Incompetent, at best.

I will start by saying I am more confused and disgusted than I am angry. My husband and I called around to several lawyers and landed on Mr.Tulin, because he was purported as “the best in the business”. After the experience we had with his service - or the lack thereof - I hardly believe that to be true. Other lawyers even refused to touch our case once they heard he was on it, and yet it produced nothing but a year and a half of heartache and financial setback. We initiated contact with Mr.Tulin in October of 2021 due to some poor decisions the mother of my husband’s daughter was making that would remove the child from his life. In Mr.Tulin’s own words, he “could have her served in two weeks”. Two weeks turned into 2 months with nothing to show, and with the mother moving out of state with the child that December. Mr.Tulin reached out to warn the mother against such action - when he had no legal backing to do so - and she cut all communication with the child’s father immediately. The child’s father lost 6 months worth of his child’s life because a foolish and baseless decision Mr.Tulin made. It became a year and four months of fake updates on our case from his assistant, missed phone calls, missed meetings, multiple Case Management court dates that served no purpose since the other party never got served, months back-to-back with no communication whatsoever, to the point I began preparation to report him to the Florida BAR. When we finally were able to reestablish contact with the child without the help of Mr.Tulin, it was anguishing to hear how heartbroken she was over the lack of access to her own father. Mr.Tulin treated our case like a neighbor’s dispute over a fence line. He had no interest and dedicated no time to us whatsoever. He even admitted in our last virtual meeting in November 2022 that “he’d not charge us through the final decision because he’d dropped the ball on our case”. Months passed with zero action and no updates from him, and we ended up dismissing him from the case in May 2023 requesting a refund, of the which he didn’t even have the courtesy to provide being that he basically admitted to doing nothing of value on our behalf. I will be pursuing a report to the Florida BAR soon since he couldn’t bother to refund us, and because I can only imagine the numerous others that have lost valuable time with family because of him. I expected so much better with all the lauding and fanfare I heard, and instead we’re left with less than we started with, thanks to Mr.Tulin’s negligence and irresponsible handling of our case. I understand there’s no guarantee when it comes to the court system, but I find it hard to claim such when nothing is done to prove that statement. I’m sorry we ever encountered Mr.Tulin, and to those who’ve had the misfortune of being put out of thousands of dollars as we have, I encourage you to file a formal complaint with the Florida BAR as well.

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