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C. Robert Biondino

C. Robert Biondino

Family Law and Divorce Lawyer
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C. Robert Biondino Jr. Family Law Attorney
Englewood, CO

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Reviews of C. Robert Biondino

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Run far away!

Posted by: Bradley Higgins

Run far away!

I would give it a zero star! Do not hire Rob Biondino's office at all! It seems that the smoke and mirrors for this guy are up, he talks a big game but drops the ball on simple cases and blames the problem on staff that left his office. Rob, you're the head of your company and it is simply not acceptable to blame your office problems on a staff member that left. I have used your services two times and the 1st time you did not do what you claimed you were going to do. I made the mistake of hiring you again just out of habit... Bad habits need to be broken for sure. It has been a few weeks since the other lawyer left your company and now your office is trying to make it sound like we did wrong for your ex-employee dropping the ball the lawyer Heather Mitchell that just left your firm and still won't talk about what happened in your office on this case when contacting her?!.. When contacting Rob directly on his personal cell phone he refuses to talk about the case he is now trying to drop like a hot potato because of the mistakes made in the case the whole time. Rob if you have enough time to respond here you should have done it before, if you have enough time to respond you had enough time to do the job right the 1st time and fix what the lawyer that left your firm did wrong instead of trying to push the blame to another person It is your company that dropped the ball, not the female that left your office for a better job with less personal attacks or insults that you like to do all the time to your staff and clients. I now will be joining the many complaints filed against Rob and his Law Firm with the BBB. We paid him in cash and he did nothing the entire time. Rob makes up fake charges to keep the money. We now have to hire another attorney to finish the job. Rob’s office just seems to drop the ball a lot, Rob is always late, the courts are not entertained with his bullying antics. Do yourself a favor and keep looking for a better attorney. With all the hope that Rob was preaching, we went from having a sense of hope, directly to a sense of failure. Would I recommend this person as your next lawyer for any situation? Absolutely not. Rob will start out with a strong story leading you down the golden path to see the wizard for a pretty penny, and in the end, you will be alone on your case. FYI this was a simple adjustment of child support, turned into a tv daytime drama brought on by your office.…. Let that sink in. Rob Take responsibility for your staff’s failures under your name, fix your problems internally before pointing the blame to others, it is your law firm, not theirs. We are now going in front of a judge to see why Rob is trying to run away from this case that his office screwed up on and Rob keeps blaming the attorney that left...

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