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Edwin Castellanos

Edwin Castellanos

Family Law and Divorce Lawyer
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Castellanos & Associates, APLC
Los Angeles, CA

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Reviews of Edwin Castellanos

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Slow, Liar, and more difficult to get a hold of than Trump himself

Posted by: Kevin Gonzalez
Family Law

Slow, Liar, and more difficult to get a hold of than Trump himself

I hired Edwin because I chose to read the good reviews instead of the bad ones. It took him 9 months to get me a court hearing whereas friends with other lawyers got them way faster. He set my mediation for the last week of November when I had court 2 weeks later. I asked him if he could set the mediation months before so I could see my kids before court and he said that it was not possible since mediations cannot be requested, the court sets them up. I called the court and they said I could set up mediation sooner and they said yes. He lied. It took him 3 months to go to court and he said that it took this long because he wanted to file judgment against my kids mom since she never responded to my requests for order. We get to court and he said judgement wasn't a good idea... 6 months later!!!! He is extremely slow, he hardly ever answers emails or calls, good luck trying to reach out to him if you hire him but as soon as you have to make a payment he will be available any time of the day. Lastly, after court hearing he said he filed for the order after hearing, almost 2 months later! I called the court clerk and they said they had nothing on file for me, Edwin never filed to get the court order given by the judge to be signed! He told me to use the minute order because it's enforceable and IT IS NOT! He is a pathetic liar, he doesn't care about the cases, all he does file paperwork, so save your money and do your own files at the self help center. He didn't mentioned any of the violations nor police reports I had against my kids mom at the court hearing. He will not fight for you if you have kids. Please, if you have kids stay away from this man, you'll be better off on your own. I spoke to multiple lawyers about my situation during consultations and they all told me that Edwin is a liar (which I can comfirm myself dealing with him). If he says he has no record of me working with him, I have emails and conversations to prove how much of a liar he is. He says he has filed paperwork but the court doesn't have a record of anything, so someone is lying here and I doubt is the court.

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