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Bettina Yanez

Bettina Yanez

Divorce and Child Custody / Visitation Lawyer
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Yanez & Associates Divorce & Family Law Attorneys OC
Orange, CA

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Reviews of Bettina Yanez

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Unsympathetic Domestic Violence Lawyers

Posted by: Marina
Family Law

Unsympathetic Domestic Violence Lawyers

I experienced a free consultation with this firm. Not trying to be sexist, but if you are going to have a "blunt" lawyer/whoever speaking with survivors of domestic abuse, maybe don't have it be a man. Totally unsympathetic (except at the end, I guess, when he apologized for leaving me in tears). Yes, I have a case that doesn't really have a winning angle, but this person seemed more interested in pointing out all the ways I had messed up than actually trying to help me. At first, I thought it was because he thought I had no money, but even after I told him I did, he still just wanted to shove me off onto public legal aid. Thanks for nothing but distress--you're supposed to help people understand the law, not make them feel like idiots for not understanding an extremely confusing system. It was a very rude way of saying what you could have said: "We can't help you." Maybe try that, next time.

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