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Cynthia Sherwood

Cynthia   Sherwood
Sherwood Boutique Litigation, PLC
201 4th Ave N Suite 1130
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: 615-873-5670

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Cynthia Sherwood -
Sherwood Boutique Litigation, PLC
201 4th Ave N Suite 1130
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone Numbers:
  • Office: 615-873-5670

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Criminal DefenseP1100.00%


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Tennessee Member in Good Standing 2000

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Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney Cynthia Sherwood

RSS iconNashville Criminal Defense Attorney, Cynthia Sherwood, Discusses topics relevant to Middle Tennessee Residents. Topic include TN law changes, federal crimes, domestic violence defenses, assault & aggravated assault defenses, juvenile criminal defense, drug crime defenses, fraud defenses,& more

Do Nashville Schools Help Police Secretly Interrogate Children?

Posted on Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Interrogating Minors In School Children do silly things, especially teenagers. Consequences are inevitable and, for the most part, deserved. Those consequences, however, should not last a lifetime. As... [read more]

How To Get Domestic Violence Charge Dropped TN (Audio & Text)

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2018

This post explains how to get a domestic assault charge or some other domestic violence related charge dismissed in the state of Tennessee. Cynthia Sherwood talks about the 5 general defenses she look... [read more]

Bonnaroo 2018 Police & Undercover Narcs

Posted on Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Coffee County sheriff’s officers will be patrolling Manchester and the rest of Coffee County. Likewise, law enforcement across the state will be on alert of attendees traveling to and from Bonna... [read more]

Underage Sexting Setup

Posted on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Explicit content is often sent to entrap an adult and subject them to extortion. Crimes can also occur when an adult sends images to coerce a minor. If you find yourself being threatened by a minor - ... [read more]

How Tennessee Courts Decide On Restitution

Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Defendants accused of theft or vandalism are often ordered by the Court to pay restitution to the victim, which is a good alternative to jail sentences. Most defendants think restitution is unavailabl... [read more]

What Does a Drug Free School Zone Violation Mean?

Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

The police often enhance a drug charge by stating that the crime occurred within one thousand feet of a school, child care center, library, recreational center or park. Most of the time the police sim... [read more]